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8 Apps to Help You Get a Solid 8 Hours of Sleep

Sleep is a funny thing. Staying up past your bedtime as a kid was a treat. Sleep didn’t seem so elusive back then. But now with longer workdays, a serious caffeine habit, and an endless stream ofBut you can rest easy (or at least more easily) if you’ve got the right app. We know, we know—it’s ironic to suggest the solution for better sleep can be found on your smartphone. After all, phones emit blue light that messes withLuckily, you can avoid the blue light issue—and stop tricking your brain into thinking it’s still light out—by enabling Night Shift (iOS) or downloading Twilight (Android). Then go ahead and check out these eight apps:

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your circadian rhythm and keeps you up. Plus, you’re only a few taps away from the addictive scroll of every social app, which is one of the easiest ways to lose track of time.

binge-worthy shows, it’s a miracle if you get six hours of shut-eye per night.

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